Entrepreneur Issues

Entrepreneur Issues
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Manila, Philippines - December 23, 2021 -     Concerns are piling up, according to FARMERS BASKET who faces the main challenge that all entrepreneurs to get their business funded.  Due to the limited availability of resources, funds are very limited.

As Entrepreneur in Farmers Basket, they need to be sure they have enough savings that were put aside to weather the worst-case scenario. They can not afford to assume they will make a profit right away. It can take up to two years before a business is reliably making money. Businesses under these circumstances are possible, but having a well-prepared business plan and encouragement pitch is more essential than ever.

      Facing Age Stereotypes, entrepreneurs are already aware of the stereotypes people apply even as young entrepreneurs. Don't let the ageism and Behaving professionally at all times, and treat others fairly. Eventually, we will gain a reputation for maturity and be considered worthy of trust and respect by the older. Dealing with discouragement by surrounding ourselves with people who believe give confidence and boost our own abilities.

      Social rejection, starting our own business make it hard to maintain social connections. We don't have co-workers to chat with, and your friends and family may not understand the unconventional route we've taken. Plus, with how busy we'll be working, it may be hard to get out and meet new people or maintain relationships with those you already know. It's important to reserve a slot in our schedule to spend time with supportive loved ones. Mentally it makes a big difference to have others who build us up, as opposed to tearing us down. Focusing on the positive individuals in our life makes it that much easier to put our best effort

     Facing criticism about running a business really brings out the naysayers. We are warned repeatedly about various ways business can fail. Several think that it's more stable to depend on a tenuous job at a brick-and-mortar than to be the head of our own company. Some get personal or jealous of and threatened by our independence and try to magnify anything negative and project their own insecurities onto us.

    Older businesspeople can have a lot of great lessons to teach, and learn to put aside unhelpful comments and self-aggrandizing "advice." Allow the positive to take precedence and don't waste your time on negative influences.

     Dealing with Stress and Self-Doubt is a stressful endeavor. There's no larger company structure to provide a cushion when things go sour. And in the early days, taking a vacation meant taking time away from growing our business.

    A powerful motivational tool is to take a look at our list of goals and tasks to do. Realize how the tasks we have assigned for today have a direct result in achieving our goals in the future.  

      Hiring Employees for the first time:  We're looking for someone with a good attitude and skills and abilities that match the tasks at hand. An employee like this can be surprisingly elusive. Remote workers are a great choice for the entrepreneur. 

     RPConnect extends support to the Farmers.  And Direct Chito, CEO of ADPPH offers if full assistance to the advocacy of the Farmers.

     Noubikko, CEO of RPConnect said Farmers Basket business strategy is one to watch in the farming industry.  Its advocacy is in line with reality, need and economics rolled into one noble advocacy.