Multi-awarded Sales Entrepreneur Says Life is Pointless To Waste On Hating

Multi-awarded Sales Entrepreneur Says  Life is Pointless To Waste On Hating
Darwin Banico, Multi-awarded sales expert. His talent is like a litmus paradigm driven by business entrepreneurship where expertise has evolved beyond which only settle for one which belongs to being honest and real.

January 3, 2023  Manila, Philippines - "Life is pointless to waste on hating" is a punchline statement of a multi-awarded sales expert, Marvin Banico.  He was, also,  recently congratulated for being the Top Seller for HONOR X7 for the month of December.  HONOR is a global provider of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, with over 20 global certification standards. It is a giant company that owns 3,000+ service centers, 9 regional call centers in 74 countries, sold over 60 million products, and generated over $8.4 billion in revenue.

Marvin Banico started his career with a friend, Nirro Marcelo, on August 27, 2009, in Sirbisu Channel in Taytay, Rizal.  He left the company as vice president for greener pasture with Huawei in 2018 and became top sales for HONOR in 2022.  Not a long way if you have a talent, because the world of sales has its own evolution and every driven category of new ways to sell products had to be created in its own interpretation.  Some define this combination of talent and Marvin exhibited this like a natural combination in its finest form.

To understand Marvin is to experience the persona behind him, according to his friends. Visit him in Silicon Valley Electronic Store in MegaMall and if you are lucky you will see him in HONOR Smartphone area.  Or, just ask anyone working there because almost everyone knows this soft-spoken salesman who emerges silently with his wide knowledge of his product line.  His know-how is loud enough to make a statement.  And, he can incorporate almost every query in the world of smartphones with a convincing smile, including sales jokes which everyone wants to forget when it is all over. 

Marvin, an ACLC College product,  can easily blur the line between usefulness and usability which makes him effective in sales.  Honest-to-goodness knowledge with an approach that is unmatched and in touch with being real, said Noubikko, CEO of RPConnect.  It took him less than 5 minutes to convince a CEO who was on a window-shopping.  Marvin seems to know, exactly, what his prospective client will ask... and yes, with a smile. Sure enough, Noubikko left the store with a purchase.  He has also been recommended for media coverage for his excellent job performance.

Marvin Banico with his long-time girlfriend, Nhiz Vendiola Pamittan

Marvin Banico can lead to exploring ideas fitted to an urban vision that positively responds to usefulness to glow harmoniously, then he softly presents himself in a common style brought together with an ethos that is woven through every aspect of the Filipino heritage.

Marvin Banico is “distinctive", and like what he said on his Facebook “Life is too short and pointless to waste it on hating other people.  This young man says it all!