For the Love of San Guillermo Project

For the Love of San Guillermo Project

For the Love of San Guillermo

June 25, 2021 - Manila, Philippines.San Guillermo or San Guillermo Complex is a development project In Laoag City, with a  marketing format adopted by Dantru Development Corp from RPConnect.

It’s a love and challenge that makes a development project in the middle of the pandemic era. When limited seating for restaurants and social distancing is enforced, shopping malls and restaurants suffer the most. And investors' appetite is tough as the economy is still trying to bounce back from months of lockdown slump.   The onslaught of pandemic key-economic indicators for investors is not surging as yet.

The San Guillermo Project even with its best marketing experts are shaking their heads.  If it were not for the love of San Guillermo and what it stands for, it’s a tough situation.   Business growth seen before the pandemic, may not level up business optimism because investors don’t see the growth that is consistent with GDP.  

Elsewhere around the world is seeing the lowest reopening of the economy which drove business woes to the lowest record unexpected.  San Guillermo wants to see the private sector ignore investors' wait-and-see appetite.

Photo during the Investment Presentation to the Community.  It was attended by the Bishop of Laoag.

Noubikko said he hopes that economic downturn may just be the result of the inflationary spike which as many of the price hikes have reflected surcharges on logistics and other shortage-related issues emanating from COVID.  He hope the financial mood will slowly bounce back the ground to encourage a rebound.

As economic constraints ease, there remains a great deal of hope in spite of its hammered certainty as to how long it will take for the business to return to normal functioning.  The question is, what about the San Guillermo Project? Noubikko said the performance of the private sector needs encouragement and support even without the obstacles of Covid in place. People are resilient at a rate of knots.  I  see the strong momentum to sustain through the rest until we finish the project.  I see the will of the people discourage to make it happen" and I can feel the prayer of the Bishop that it will guide the project to make it through…